You Should Check Your Balances $ Regularly

How often do you check your account balances (credit card, checking, and savings)? For most people, the truth is never because checking the balance can be anxiety wrecking. One of my friends told me that she gets the same sinking feeling in her tummy when she logs into her account as when she goes to the dentist. It can be scary, but like going to a dentist checking our account balances is important.

It can feel like so

How often should you check your balances? Ideally, at least twice a week but as with everything take baby steps until you feel comfortable and maybe you will check your accounts daily. You should also floss daily, but you know…

Advantages of checking your account balances on the regular

  1. Confirm that all transactions are correct. It is possible to get overcharged because service providers are human and make mistakes too.
  2. Catch ERRORS!- AT&T is notorious for small charges like $13.99 that can go one for years. Look over your accounts and make sure you are not paying for a service you are not getting. The good news is that if you report the charge, you may even get a refund
  3. Avoid overdrafts or spending more than you can pay off on your credit card. Most people probably go over their budget because they innocently assume that they have enough funds. Overdrafts are costly, so avoid them.
  4. Catch FRAUD– You want to know if Joe Stealmoney in Georgia charged $300 for new the Michael Kors bag on your account. If you don’t know the story go to twitter and search #michaelkors
  5. Stay on top of your balance– Know how much money you have in your account. Know how much you have spent on your credit card

Log on to your BANK or Mobile Balance NOW-

This is the goal